Since the early 1900's, MCABC and its predecessor organizations have been representing the interests of British Columbia's mechanical contractors and their suppliers. MCABC is the only association in BC dedicated solely to the unique interests of mechanical contractors.

MCABC Contractor members consist of both unionized and open shop firms specializing in plumbing, heating, gas installations, HVAC, fire protection, controls, and industrial mechanical systems. Work is done in the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors.

Today as always, MCABC is here to make sure mechanical contractors and sector suppliers alike are able to provide the best possible products and services they can, to maintain and enhance their reputation for honesty, reliability and quality workmanship, to stay at the leading edge of consumer protection, and above all, to grow and prosper.

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What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Mechanical Contractors are professionals responsible for the installation of mechanical systems of a building. 
Mechanical Contractors consist of, but are not limited to, companies engaged in:

• PlumbingWhat is a Mechanical Contractor?
• Heating
• Ventilation
• Air Conditioning
• Sprinkler Systems
• Fire Protection
• Control Systems
• Refrigeration
• Insulation
• Specialized Process Systems
• Medical Gases
• Hydronics
• Site Services
• Welding
• Design Assist and Design-build
• Mechanical Service and preventative maintenance
• New and renovations to mechanical systems in commercial buildings

The mechanical contractor is one of the main architects in a project, leading many trades through extremely complex and diversified situations starting from the conceptual stage of a building, right through to when the doors open.

The complexity of today’s building systems and techniques is so great that it's a tribute to the industry's co-operation and co-ordination when a major project is completed.  To do it on time and profitably requires management and administrative skill of the highest order, and full reliance on the professionalism of the entire team.

It's hard to conceive of something as technical and angular as a building being an organic entity but that's exactly how a Mechanical Contractor often views it.  It has a nervous system, a circulation system, and an alimentary system.  A modern building can even sense its surroundings as it must react to stimuli such as cold, heat, dangers such as fire, and be able to perform a real function; housing, storage, manufacture, or commerce.

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