The Coastal BC Mechanical Trades Bid Depository

The Coastal BC Mechanical Trades Bid Depository is a joint partnership between MCABC, BC Insulation Contractors Association, and SMACNA BC.

The goal of the Bid Depository is to create an ethical bidding system for all Division 15 contractors.  It enables those receiving their tenders to obtain firm quotations in writing and in adequate time to compile their bids completely and accurately.  Bid Depository represents a fair and ethical bidding process through the creation of a code of tendering practice in which all users voluntarily participate for their own benefit and for the benefit of the General contractor/Construction Manager and owners.

Bid Depository is open to all Mechanical Insulators, Sheet Metal Contractors and Mechanical Contractors - Union or Non Union.

Why use the Bid Depository?

  1. Bid Depository supports an ethical tendering process by encouraging fair and principled tendering practice, and it couldn’t come at a better time. What Division 15 contractor isn’t tired of hearing those familiar stories - ‘the project is over budget’ and ‘we need cost savings from the low 5 trades’ - when all know the true purpose is to beat up and grind the contractor down to nothing?
  2. Bid Depository gives the user a set of clearly defined trade scopes of work and tendering rules and procedures that enable the bids to be compared ‘apples to apples’. 
  3. Bid Depository provides the best possible assurance that it will be the successful low bidder that is awarded the project contract by the successful Mechanical Contractor, upon their receipt of a project contract award.
  4. Bid Depository eliminates the GAMES: ‘Grinding for a lower price’ or ‘Cost Savings - Play all participants against one another!’
  5. Bid Depository is transparent and discloses pricing to bidders once the successful contractor has been notified of an award.
  6. Bid Depository does not punish for legitimate errors and omissions and permits tenders to be withdrawn prior to the mechanical contractor tender closing to the General Contractor or owner.
  7. Bid Depository saves time and money for your estimating team!
  8. Bid Depository serves the best interests of owners, Architects, Mechanical Engineers and all who participate! Tender closings are simplified since the low price reflects a common scope - thus saving time and money reviewing the tenders. It cannot get any simpler than that.

What Will Owners General Contractors/Construction Management Companies Think?

Any owner, contractor, construction management company, architect or Engineer who, by way of membership in a professional or trade organization, is committed to a Code of Ethical Practices, should also be enthusiastic about the use of Bid Depository. Besides the achieved savings of considerable time and money provided by a ‘one-stop’ tendering process, Bid Depository is simple, principled and fair for all who use it!

What projects are on the Bid Depository?

All projects listed with VRCA-BCCA Bid Depository are also Mechanical Trades BD. However, any project you want could be put on Bid Depository provided that a request has been submitted to the Bid Depository and that a majority of all affected bidders agree to participate. 

If any Sheet Metal, Insulation or Mechanical contractor would like a project on the Bid Depository please contact Bid Depository staff at 604- 205-5058 for details of request procedure. See Voluntary section.

Who can participate in the Bid Depository?

Any Division 15 sheet metal, insulation or mechanical contractor, both Union and Non Union, can participate in Bid Depository in return for their agreement to abide by the Rules of Procedure. 

Does the Bid Depository Work?

The Bid Depository has worked successfully with little interruption, moderate cost, high participation and very few complaints for over 30 years, enabling the owner to obtain the best complete price - the first time. This represents an incredible success for all who use it.

How to Contact Us?

For further information, Rules of Procedure or general enquiries into the Bid Depository please contact Barbara Stafford or call 604-205-5058 ext 228

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